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Alma Equities
The position of Alma Equities is very new and characterised as follows:

• A financial research revolves around the investigation and performance of recommendations.
• A close proximity with its customers.
• An execution and advanced back-office meeting European standards.
A culture of investigation demonstrated in local companies :
• Due to the strong experience of its management, the analysts of Alma Equities put forward an intensive knowledge of the trade, as they have individualised business models for domestic companies. In this area, we aim to come out from the traditional avenues that are too descriptive in handling financial analysis. What makes us different is our clear approach that directs our clients towards the perspectives of growth, special situations and the turning-points etc.

• The Pertinence and quality of recommendations. Our financial analysts take some challenging and decisive positions, permitting us to put forward the belief and light-house “ideas” of Alma Equities Investment.

• A stringent and systematic policy in analysing and valuating companies. We carefully scrutinise and test the findings of our researches prior to each publication. Furthermore, our analysts’ argumentations and their powerful hypotheses are sensibly put under the microscope.
  A strong proximity and customized service:
Every member of the organisation, from the trading room to the boardroom including the financial analysts, implements the art of listening in order to happily exceed prospective clients’ demands and expectations. Our teams offer the best integrated service in the market, by following up one to one approach and endeavour to achieve an everlasting customer satisfaction.

Our quality benchmarks live up to the high ranking European standards .

State of the art in execution and back-office:
Alma Finance Group has an ambition to be a member of all big stock markets from MENA and develop executing capabilities across this region. Our centralised trading network allows our clients to have an express and secured access to a major source of liquidity .


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